BrainTest: Senior Backend Developer

  • Managed the complete lifecycle of the backend services that delivered storage and auto marking for assessments completed by Patients
  • Worked with Django, AWS, and Python

AirG: Intermediate Developer (Backend)

  • Primary Dev in charge of a backend micro service that orchestrated user flow at scale through various subsystems to manage user state and payments of over 100k hits per day
  • Provided launch services and uptime support

Backend Dev-Ops Architect for CyberPatient:

  • AWS: Load Balancers, Docker, Scalability, Reliability, EC2, ECS
  • Node JS + Express
  • Mongo DB + Mongo Atlas

Adventures of Patoo: Ember JS, HTML, JavaScript

  • Built an interactive ‘choose your own adventure’ online comic book with an artist to as part of a research study to improve health outcomes for youth

Generate App (iOS): Objective C

  • Worked with image processing and backends to help deliver generative digital art to aspiring artists


I volunteer through several different organizations to give back and to hopefully inspire the next generation of STEM students during a pivotal moment in their lives.

Game Of Apps (2017 – Present)

  • Teach, Lecture core computer science and coding concepts
  • Lead weekly coding challenges to give students a chance to practice algorithmic thinking
  • Advise teams on their final project to help them drive to success and the final championships

UBC Computer Science Tri-Mentoring Program

  • Meet, mentor, and advise university students in their university journey

Science World Scientists and Innovators in Schools (SIS)

  • Help deliver scientific material focused on algorithmic thinking to grade school students to fulfill and complement the classroom cirriculum

Exhibit and Interactive Play

Flappy Bird Remix at Seasons Festival:

  • Remake of Flappy Bird on Processing JS running on Raspberry Pi 4 and custom arcade controls

Quantum Mechanics Sphero project:

  • Image Processing and Unity

Crescent Exhibition:

  • Using BTLE Beacons and projection mapping to create an experience highlighting the role of technology in our lives

Qilak (Orion) Exhibition:

  • Past feature exhibition at Vancouver Maritime Museum to tell the inuit story of orion

Science World Contract: Tinkering Space:

  • Fun little interactive exhibit highlighting the effects of long term hearing loss